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"this program is amazing!"

Ever since I graduated from Theatre school (15 years ago), and heard

  • "acting is so hard” (you know the way people say it as if their jobs are easy peezy)

  • "you'll never make any money"

  • "what are you gonna do if (read: when) you don't make it"

I have been on a mission to prove them wrong, and to create with ease. And today I am

  • a working actor/writer (yep, making money that has sustained me during covid)

  • i've learned how to get past setbacks, ruts and creative blocks

  • i'm doing the work to make this industry better (read: dismantling racism, closing wage gaps, the usual.)

And I have been itching to share it! I shared just a portion of it in HACK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW, and people are already feeling lifted.

“This program has been amazing, even when I felt like I wasn’t sticking to things. Learned: not to be disappointed with myself but to learn to set reasonable goals; Accomplished: setting time for my dissertation while completing drafts of my other projects (that just NEED to get off my desk); I will take with me a sense of celebrating the things I have done rather than lamenting what I haven’t done.” - Jojo Karlin (visual artist baddie)

Monday we joined together via Zoom to toast to our accomplishments! We had 15 days to get our goal done! And these creative beauties smashed it while dismantling the oppressive notion that we can't rest, and find joy in our work.

This is just the beginning!

If you missed this round and want to know what we were up to. I left the daily videos up in the facebook group. Join here.

And if you want to do 1 on 1 coaching with me, and hack your creative flow, Sign up here!

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