Lyrics &libretti


"...when they launch me, gonna be bra free, cause there's no gravity... so I'll wave my afro flag and plant it in the ground"

"Going to The Moon, Mama" from The Rocket Thrower 

Featuring Destinee Rea, Ebony Blake, Tatiana Lofton and Ashley Kelley.  The composer, Andy Roninson, is playing the piano!

"...she thinks that the stars will make her feel free, but I hear the loud streets, cause we're here on the ground, and I try to keep faith, cause stars fade, but she lights her own way..."

"I'm Trying" from The Rocket Thrower

Featuring Carla Woods.  Composed by Andy Roninson

"...slip into a slower pattern of speech, I could wave at every black body who meets my gaze..." 

"I Could" from White Friend (Working Title)

Featuring Carla Woods and Inga Ballard.  The composer, Derrick Byars is playing the piano!, what if I stand out,

o-o-oh, I'll stand out loud, no-o-oh, I don't wanna be left out, but o-o-oh I don't need to be a part of every crowd..."

"I've Got This" is a commission for Girlhood, the Musical.

Featuring Ava Briglia.  Composed and Arranged by Andy Roninson